Advertise on Your Car For Money – How to Get Paid For Driving Your Vehicle Or Get a Free Car!

I’m sure you have seen trucks, buses or subways with advertisements for companies or products on the sides. The same thing can apply to regular-sized vehicles.

Car advertising is a great way for a company to promote its services or products. In fact, it’s probably the cheapest way to gain exposure compared to other methods. For example, billboard advertising usually costs more than $10,000 per month.

On the contrary paying someone to place ads on his/her vehicle, can cost companies about $100 – $1,000 and it can be seen by thousands of people. The driver will drive around the city to go to his job, visit friends, go to the grocery store, pick the children from school and a hundred more places. This means that the product’s ad can get maximum exposure at a very low cost.

Of course the companies could buy a few cars and hire people to drive them around the city, but that would be much more expensive. For this reason they prefer to “rent” some space on other people’s cars. In return they agree to pay you a monthly salary that can be around $800, if you own a regular-sized vehicle and could rise up to $3,200 if you own a truck.

So, what happens if you don’t even own a car? The good news is that you can still participate in this program. These companies also give away free cars with the advertisements already on them.

In order to qualify for these programs you need to be 18 years or older, own a valid driver’s license and be a permanent resident of United States, Canada, United Kingdom and France. For many companies it’s also important to have a clean driving record for the last 12 months. Another factor that’s going to influence whether you get selected or not, is your exact location. They usually choose people who live in large cities.

However, the most important factor is your driving habits. If you live in a big city, but don’t drive around a lot you may get declined and if you live in a small town but drive many miles a day on busy highways they may accept your application. There is a minimum amount of miles you should drive every month, if you want to get hired, which is usually at least 300 miles.

The best way to ensure access to this program is to become a member of a specialized agency that will provide you with a list of companies that offer get-paid-to-drive programs and valuable information on how to get accepted by the highest paying companies out there.

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